Her går det fortsatt i julekort om kveldene, det er så gøy, men jeg bruker så laaang tid på hvert....
Kanksje det blir lyst nok til å ta bilder i helga, det er ikke lett nå på denne tiden.

I dag er det bare noen bilder av pulsvarmere jeg har laget. Har fått et trau å ha de i, da er det både pynt og lett å finne de når jeg trenger de :).

I am spending the evenings making Christmas cards, I love making them!
Unfortunately the days are short and dark, so it's hard to take pictures of them.

Today I have some pictures of some mottens I have made. I love to make them using different yarn and different patterns. Most of them are made from different alpaca yarn.

The flowers you see are crocheted, the mittens here are knitted.
The ones with ribbon on are my newest. The yarn is from angora rabbits. My sister gave me the yarn, and I am so happy for it, so warm!! It is beads on them too, but not possible to see in this picture. The pair in the front are made from two different yarn; pure silk and silk mohair.

The coral pair I made during my Florida flight :). The pattern is made by a friend of mine. She has made the two pairs you can see in the bottom of the picture, that's another pattern she has made. The pair with a little edge are crocheted, also the flower.
I love crocheting the small flowers I use on cards.

This is a pair I crocheted for a friend. I made one more pair just like them in blue.
Another pair I knitted for the same friend. I have the same pattern on my grey pair in the third picture.

This is some of the flowers I crochet. I love making them, but right now I have enough for a while...

I still have this box full of yarn, so there will be more flowers and butterflies.....
Butterfly is a new project I have started, so I don't have anything to show you yet.

See you soon!


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