Nye kort....

Hei igjen!

Da har jeg laget noen flere kort til konkurransen i 365 Cards utfordringene. Det ble veldig hektisk...men jeg tror jeg skal komme i mål. Mangler nå ett kort, som jeg må lage i morgen tidlig. Har funnet fram papir og motiv, men har faktisk, for første gang av disse 7 kortene jeg skulle lage, ingen idè om hvordan det skal se ut.. Jaja, vi får se hvilke idèer som kommer i løpet av kvelden/natta/morgentimene :).

I have made some more cards for the challenge in 365 Cards. It has been kind of stressful to make so many cards in so short time, but I think I will make it. I have one last card to make, which I will do tomorrow morning. I have found the paper and an image I have colored with my copics that I want to use, but I have no idea how I want the cards to be....
All the others I have had an idea of how I want it to look as soon as I have seen the challenge. Well, we'll see if I get any ideas during the night/morning...

Here is the first card. The red color is not really "me", so it was difficult. I am not proud of this card, in my head it would have looked so much better in baby pink or baby blue :).
With this card I will participate in the following challenges:
picturea nd scrap - utfordring #23 Baby
365 cards - Day 310 - Pretty Pairs Gingham Pattern and Red

Next card is an envelope card. It's a little different from all the "normal" square I make most of.
For the inside I have made a card to write a message. It's also possible to put money or giftcard in the envelope. With this card I will participate in the challenge 365 cards - Day 311 - Pretty Pairs Damask and Pink. The damask pattern can be difficult to see on the front of the envelope, but you can see it better on the back side.

Next is my last card for today. I have used a lady in 3D. I have so many of 3D women, I have made a few, and I have more to come of them! It's a lot of very tiny cutting to make for them, so I am happy when it's done. When I buy 3D motivs now, I only buy those who are pre-cut ;)
With this card I will patricipate in the following challenges:

That's all I had so far, see you again tomorrow with my last card in the competition!
Have a great new week!



  1. Så koselige kort. Tusen takk for at du deltar hos NordSalten Hobbyklubb.


  2. Så søte de små babyklærne på snora var! Herlig babykort! Tusen takk for at du deltar hos Card and Scrap!

    Klem Hege

  3. Så flotte kort du har laget:)
    Tusen takk for at du deltar hos NordSalten Hobbyklubb.
    Klem Gunn

  4. Det konvoluttkortet var sinnsykt fint! =)